Since founded in 2015, CG Castle Group have been bringing in unique and stylish items for our new generation of customers who wish to look good with affordable price range.

Our customers are people from all ages who wants to be different from the usual buying crowd. They know they are born to stand out and get compliments for dressing well with CG Castle Group awesome Items rather than wearing those MAINSTREAM items bought from those Giant Fashion Store.


Amazing Products

At CG Castle Group, we are very selective with the products that we bring in. So either you will have an easier time to choose your favourite item or have a difficult time because most of our items are OH-SO-ATTRACTIVE. Trust us, you will mostly walk out of our store with MORE THAN just one item.


Style Influencers

If you do not know what to buy for yourself or can't decide what gift to buy for your friends, NOT TO WORRY as we have our Style Influencers in our store to assist you on that and they will make your shopping experience a breeze at CG Castle Group.


So… What are you waiting for?

START SHOPPING at CG Castle Group now !










Ever since the opening of our flagship store at Jcube, J.Avenue #02-07A , we have been providing excellent services to our customers and they keep coming back for more.

We have our customers telling us that items bought from CG Castle Group bring them more compliments than those branded luxury bags or watches they bought elsewhere.

Compliments that makes them happy. This is the feeling we want our customer to feel and we will continue to do that.